Sunday, July 12, 2020, North Atlantic

There are parts of the ocean that are particularly empty, like the part between Faroe Islands and Iceland. 2 cargo ships on the horizon in the last 36 hours. Had hefty waves on the head for the first 24 hours, but now it is calmer on the stomach. The boat rinses clean in the drizzle …

Vestmanna islands are about 8 hours away so we will drop in for a few hours of sleep and perhaps stretch our legs. The port service doesn’t work after midnight, but we can moor along the Maki.

After an excel sheet a pdf and some VHF calls with the coast guard, we now have permission to moor in Vestmannaeyar. After a new Corona test of course. Good trade!

The first and last photo clearly show that it does not get dark here at night.

So there we are! Some formalities were completed with the friendly police and tomorrow we will hear more about test options. After a nice drink we went to bed.

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